Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Some of my favorite things about these wonderful people:
1.  I get to call them family.
2.  Every year, they trust me to take their family photos.
3.  They are always up for any of the photo ideas I have seen floating around Pinterest, even if they turn out dumb and don't make the final cut.

Friday, September 12, 2014

One of my best realizations about parenting...

Do you ever get frustrated with parenting?  Then you let someone make you feel even worse?

I had recorded a television show that boasted a new revolutionary way to parent.  How could I not be intrigued by this promotion? 

There are some things I have been trying to teach my boys for years and sometimes it seems to be working and other times I think I need a new trick up my sleeve.

I flipped on the television in hopes of finding a new trick.

Instead I found a feeling of inadequacy. 

I assume the show was trying to empower moms, but it didn't me. They host and author of the book raved about the success of this new way of parenting and sold it with such enthusiasm and authority, it made me feel like I was doing it all wrong.  The problem is, I wasn't really sure what they are preaching.  It was vague and seemed to be more in theory.  The message I heard was that if my kids still work on some areas of their life, then I am not doing this parenting thing right.  Well...of course my kids need work in some areas of their life. (Really, don't we all need to work on something?)

The show left me feeling empty and discouraged.   And defensive. 

So, to make myself feel better, I went straight be being judgmental.  The host, though seemingly brilliant, didn't have children. I was done listening to her. And the author of the book, I am pretty sure she has had only one daughter.  I am going to give her the tougher parenting job award for the preteen and teenager years, but has she ever hung out with my boys who always seem to be in a state of motion?  The definition of kinetic energy at its best.  When they are bored they always revert to wrestling each other to the ground.  It doesn't matter where we are at: a friends house, the check out line, the church foyer...thankfully we worship a God of grace.  These judgmental thoughts weren't getting me anywhere. (I am pretty sure this is why being judgmental is not recommended.)

So, I moved on to whining to my close friends about it.  (Thank you to those that listened to my crazy babble on this topic.)

Thankfully, whining to my friends actually did work.  One of my good friends replied, "Sometimes what parents see as weakness in our children, can actually be strengths."

My heart stilled as I focused on what she was saying.

My friend elaborated with this example:

"Children that we might wish shared their emotions more or are more outwardly empathetic to others....well, we need first responders that don't carry their emotions on their sleeve and can calmly assess a crisis situation and be healing hands for the hurt."

My racing brain expanded on her example:

A overdramatic and whiney child might turn in to a wonderful, charismatic teacher that can capture her students' attention and inspire them to be great learners.

That child that hates to lose and let's everyone know in a less than desirable fashion might lead a company into great success, blessing all his employees and their families.

The strong willed kids that are challenging to parent might use that strong will not to give up when others do.  He might be the one to invent, discover or cure diseases.

What we parents sometimes view as our children's weaknesses are not always weaknesses. 

My friend's thoughts made me think of this scripture:

"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Cor 12:9, ESV)
"For when I am weak, then I am strong." (2 Cor 12:10, ESV)

In this reminder that God has a plan for my boys' lives, my mothering heart found peace.

I still feel like I need some new and fresh parenting ideas, so I am reading two parenting books. But, I am reading them with a renewed confidence that God is working on my kids in ways that I sometimes don't always understand and that no parenting book has all the answers.

Thank goodness for good friends who talk me out of crazy-mother-land.  (How come crazy-mother-land is a comfortable place to reside sometimes?  All of us moms hanging out with our irrational fears and expectations...that is a different blog post....)

And thank goodness for a God that uses my friends to calm my heart and remind me that ultimately my hope is in God's powerful presence in our lives and His ability to guide and take care of these little people in my life who I love more than words could ever fully express.
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Two things made my day today...

1.  I just found out my blog was featured on Equipping Godly Women. 
You can check out the post here.  I was so surprised! 
And then, as if that wasn't enough to make my day... 
2.  My middle son opened the car door for me after his football practice tonight. 
THE CAR DOOR! (Surprised again.)
I am going to bed with a happy and grateful heart tonight.

Friday, September 5, 2014


  The secret to great photos in the midst of busy life????  
Take them when it is convenient and don't worry if you don't have much time. 
I snapped these of my good friend and her daughters in under 10 minutes before they were off to a wedding.  I love that in a few minutes, photos that capture the excitement and anticipation of a fun evening are forever recorded.  Life holds so many beautiful moments. 

Editing tips:  The photo above, I brighten and increased the contrast in Photoshop, then ran the Vintage Matte Free Action from the Coffee Shop Blog.  Totally my favorite photo.

Monday, September 1, 2014

A fresh start...

I love the start of a new school year.  It holds so much promise.  Like none of last year's challenges will arise. 

My now 3rd grade son will love to work on his math facts.  When I ask him what 5 x 3 is, he wouldn't say things like, "I have practiced that before, so I don't need to again." Or make silly comments like, "weird + weird = weird, weird.  Get it, mom?"  Yes, but I don't want too. Instead, he would just spit out the answer without hemming and hawing about why he needs to know how to multiply.  Or add. Or subtract.

My now 2nd grade son will take the time to write neatly, like he does when he practices at home.  His teacher will not write on every single assignment to work on neatness.    

At school, my older boys will consistently eat their vegetables at lunch and will always be calm and productive in the classroom. 

My four-year-old will not need everything he eats dipped in ranch.  Meat, vegetables, fruit, all is covered in ranch before placed in his mouth.  Instead, he would enjoy the meals we cook him as is and politely thank us when he is done.  He also won't follow his older brothers around and demand their toy, or pencil, or book, or whatever they touch that magically makes him want the same thing.

As a family, we can get through the store without the boys getting bored and wrestling each other to the ground. Or my youngest running as fast as he can with the kid-cart until it falls over, then screaming at the top of his lungs across the store that he need us to help him pick it up.
We will always get places on time, dressed appropriately.

A new school year holds so much promise and hope.  I love the "clean slate" feeling when we vow, as a family, to learn from last year's experiences and try and do things a little better. 

It feels like a New Year's resolution.   

It feels like God's grace.   

That grace I feel every morning when I wake up with a fresh start.  A chance to reflect on what works and what I need to try differently. Of course life won't go perfectly; I don't think it is suppose to. Failure is sometimes an essential part of growth and even success. And God loves us no matter what. 

But it always feels good to stand at the edge of a fresh start blanked with grace. 

Happy first day of school. 
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Thursday, August 21, 2014


This summer has been awesome.  Totally awesome.

But here's the catch: nothing is different from any other summer.  We have all our normal ups and downs of daily life.

However, last year was my first year back teaching high school part-time after being a stay-at-home-mom for six years.

The fact that I didn't had to be at work made this summer so sweet.  This says nothing about my job.  I am passionate about teaching and feel like going back to work was the right decision for me and our family.

But still...

Being home this summer with my boys was heavenly.  No schedule.  Reduced commitments.  This summer was sweeter than any other summer because I appreciated being home more.

I love teaching...but man, I love being home.

Here are some of my favorite pictures.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Noticing God's Daily Goodness

Recently, my four-year-old son did not cry at the doctor's office when he got his shots.

This has never happened in our home before. 

He sat there like a brave little soldier and watched as the nurse gently put a shot in each arm.   Minutes earlier he had been crying. His little body shook at the thought of shots until my oldest son said to him, "Shots don't hurt if you relax your body.  They really don't, I promise."  (I smiled at my oldest because when he got his five-year-old shots he screamed and flung his arms and legs around in escaping-octopus-style. The lady administering the shots called for two additional nurses to help hold him down. When it was over, my son cried and moaned as if mortally wounded while he held his leg and hopped on one foot down the long hall, past everyone in the waiting room and out the door. It all occurred in slow motion.  I promise.  And everyone was watching us.  Everyone.  This kid will get a best actor award some day.)

But in calmness and with the authority of someone who knew, my oldest told his little brother to relax and it wouldn't hurt.  My youngest listened and it worked.

Then, we left the doctor's office and ran to the grocery store.  We were in a hurry so with planned synchronization, we all grabbed the food we needed and rushed to check out.  As we walked out of the store I heard, "Ma' am! Ma' am!" shouted over the creaking of the sliding doors. I turn around to see a man running after me trailed by the cashier, who was limping along as she held my wallet in the air.

Grateful they didn't let me leave the store without my wallet, I thanked them.  We walked out the door and my oldest son commented, "Thank goodness the wallet didn't end up the in trash." 

I knew what he was talking about. Weeks earlier, I had taken the boys to Subway and mistakenly thrown my credit card away with our trash.  It took us an hour to figure this out and when we drove back to the restaurant and talked to the manager, he has already changed the trash bags.  I told him I would search through the thrown out trash bag, yet in his kindness, he had a worker do it for me. It took a few minutes, but with a big grin on his face, the manager came back holding my credit card.

A little brother who looks up to his big brother so much, he will listen to his advice. 

A big brother who loves his little brother so much, he encourages him. 

An honest shopper and a cashier, who despite her limp, chased me to make sure I didn't forget my wallet. 

A manager at subway who kindly and without complaining had a worker dig through the trash for my credit card. 

God's goodness.  In daily life.  It surrounds me.  It surrounds you.


Feel His daily presence in your Life.  Feel His love.

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